Canadian Poetry from the Perspectives of Poets

Interviews with Local Poets in Victoria, BC

Interviewer, Camera Operator,
Video Editor, and Presenter

Collaborative video interview project centred on the perspectives of local poets on the topic of Canadian poetry, produced for the University of Victoria's Modern Canadian Poetry course under the instruction of Dr. Nicholas Bradley (fall 2017). The related screening event featured a reading by Dan MacIsaac, author of Cries from the Ark (2017). The video was later shared on social media by Cries from the Ark's publisher, Brick Books.

Interviewees include Ann-Bernice Thomas, the 2016 Youth Poet Laureate of Victoria; Yvonne Blomer, Poet Laureate of Victoria; Dan MacIsaac, trial lawyer and poet; and Dr. Jamie Dopp, Associate Professor of English at UVic.