Fennec's Den Press

Mockup of the "When They Die" cover on a book and a phone screen. Cover features an illustration of a purple and yellow moth in front of a palm leaves design

Member of the publishing collective (Amy Dechka, Casey McCarthy, and Christina Nisha Paul) that created Fennec's Den Press—a fictitious imprint, with four imagined upcoming titles, of a real publishing house in Canada. The project was created under the instruction of Scott Steedman for SFU's Master of Publishing program (fall 2020).

Designed the fictional imprint's When They Die title, which is a work of literary fiction that has a speculative twist. Also designed the imprint's all-encompassing report document and fall catalogue (see Issuu links below)—with assistance from Amy Dechka, who designed the matching retro-tinged covers and collaborated on the imprint's logo design.

Full cover image of "When They Die," both front and back covers plus the spine and flaps
Spread from Fennec's Den Press's catalogue, showing the table of contents page and the about page
Spread from Fennec's Den Press's catalogue, showing the information and art for the title "The In-Between"